Miscellaneous Policies

Tattoo Billing Procedure
All owners who have horses tattooed during the Turfway Park meet will be charged $80 per horse, payable at the time the horse is tattooed. If the horse is tattooed at Turfway Park on race day, the cost may be charged through the horsemen's bookkeeper. Any horse tattooed off the grounds (e.g., at Keeneland, The Thoroughbred Center, Churchill Downs, Highpoint, etc.) must be paid for at the time the horse is tattooed.

NEW! By January 1, 2020, Race Horse Identification will transition from lip tattooing to utilizing the Digital Tattoo (Picture Horse ID), which is accessible through scanning of the Jockey Club-issued microchip that has been implanted in the horse’s neck by the breeder. The process will be as follows:

  • All foals of 2017 forward must be microchipped before the Jockey Club will register the horse.
  • Foals of 2016 and older who are not tattooed and who currently do not a have microchip (by January 1, 2020) will need to contact the Jockey Club (800-444-8521) to obtain a microchip. The Jockey Club issued microchip must be inserted into the horse and listed on the foal papers before the horse is digitally tattooed prior to its first race.
  • Like the current tattoo system, TRPB Identifiers will come to your barn, scan the microchip to pull up the digital copy of the foal papers and verify the markings prior to your being allowed to race. Additionally, the TRPB Identifiers will take a series of photographs of your horse.
  • The TRPB identification fee will remain the same: $80.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you have an older horse (2016 or older) that is not tattooed and does not have a Jockey Club-issued microchip inserted in the horse, please make arrangements prior to the end of the year to be either tattooed or microchipped. If not, your horse will not be able to be identified nor will it be allowed to race until a Jockey Club-issued microchip has been inserted and the horse has been identified by a TRPB Identifier.

Racing Silks
Owners racing at Turfway Park must have their silks in the jockeys' quarters. Owners running more than twice in substitute (house) colors will automatically be charged a silk rental fee.

All grooms in the paddock must be neatly dressed.

Pony Personnel and Safety Equipment
Personnel taking horses to the post in the post parade will be provided with saddle towels and are required to wear a white shirt and black helmet cover. All personnel on horseback must wear an approved safety helmet and vest at all times.