Date Preference System

The following date system of preference is used at Turfway Park:

Foal certificates no longer are required to be on file in the racing office to enter or start at Turfway Park; however, foal certificates must be on file to obtain a preference date and to have a horse tattooed.

Each day's overnight will list the dates of horses in and on the also-eligible list to enable trainers to see what dates are getting horses into over-filled races.

1. In over-filled races, preference will be given to horses in order of their assigned preference dates, earliest date first. Horses having identical dates will be chosen by lot; however, where entry and running dates are the same, the horse with the entry date will have preference.

2. All horses intended for racing at Turfway Park will be assigned a preference date. A horse can have only one date at any particular time. Dates assigned will be of two types:
This date will correspond to: (a) the date on which a horse's foal papers and name card are submitted to the Identifier (the earliest date being the day when entries are first taken for the meeting); (b) the day on which a horse is first entered if his papers are not on file with the Identifier. To qualify for the latter E-Date, a horse must have been excluded from a race that appears on the overnight or he must have been entered in a condition book race that failed to fill through insufficient entries.

This date will correspond to the day of a horse's most recent race at Turfway Park. An R-Date will also be assigned to a horse that scratches, provided the foal papers are on file with the Identifier.
3. A horse retains his R-Date until he receives a newer R-Date. No horse with an established R-Date may receive an E-Date. A horse whose papers are removed from the Identifier's office will lose his date and must subsequently re-establish a date in order to receive preference. A horse with an E-Date cannot receive a newer E-Date. Horses starting at another racetrack will forfeit any date they may have at Turfway Park. Additionally, horses racing at Turfway Park without foal papers on site will not retain their R-Date.

4. Preference dates are good for any type of race or distance (other than maiden dates).

5. Maiden dates will be kept separately and will not have preference in winners' races.

6. No E-Date will be assigned to the second choice of an un-split same-owner entry.

7. A horse that has been placed on a list (Veterinarian, Steward, Starter, or Paddock Judge) will lose his date and be assigned an R-Date corresponding to the day he is removed from the list, provided the foal papers are on file with the Identifier.

8. Horses on the Also-Eligible list shall be permitted to draw into races and will be assigned post positions in the order of their dates, earliest dates first.

9. A horse that is a scheduled starter in a canceled race will not receive an R-Date for that race but will retain his previous date.

10. The draw of stake and handicap races is not subject to date preference.

11. Preference dates are transferred through change in ownership and changes in trainer only after the proper transfer procedures have been completed through the Stewards' Office and delivered to the Racing Secretary's Office.

12. Date preference rules will not supercede KHRC rules regarding preference, eligibility, or scratches.